I flew Delta BusinessElite to Frankfurt last night…

…and it was ____________.

Yeah, you’ll have to stay tuned for the trip report to find out. I can assure, you, though, that it wasn’t as exciting as the South Florida Fair (as advertised in Delta’s in-flight magazine):


  1. they really need to get their act together and get rid of those old recliners and get flat beds in there … sad for Delta … like United’s last 777’s still with recliners very sad …

  2. Delta seems to have no real strategy on future plans for the 763, but this product is better than UAs old 777s because of the decent AVOD. I’ve had some tolerable to decent experience in DL C on TPACs and the 77L is excellent.

  3. Lucky said, “I flew Delta BusinessElite to Frankfurt last night and it was terrible. I should have flown US AIrways Envoy.”


  4. Flew on Delta in J as well last week… The flat beds on the 764s are awesome! The recliners are lame, will post a trip report on FT when I get my act together :p

    The food was pretty decent compared to Delta’s US counterparts.

  5. Thanks, lucky. We hate to hear this and know improvements can be made, which is why we’re moving quickly to make them. Our entire international fleet will have full flat beds installed by 2013, so don’t be surprised if you experience this product upgrade during an upcoming trip. You can go to this link to read more details: http://bit.ly/gFB3s8. Also, keep in mind that if you experience travel issues in the future, we have our @DeltaAssist team available to provide you real-time assistance on Twitter.

  6. Lucky,

    When I read what you were thinking about I hoped you would not do Delta. Now that you did I can’t wait to read how bad it really was.

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