Huge change in Lufthansa 747 award availability as of next year…

As I hinted at last week, and as covered by Musings of the Global Traveller, Lufthansa is reconfiguring many of their 747s, cutting the number of first class seats in half. Now in Lufthansa’s case, it’s not that they’re reducing the number of first class seats because they want to add more seats in other cabins, but rather that they’re improving the first class product. The upper deck will go from having 16 to eight seats. Apparently each first class “suite” will include both a seat and a bed, which is a pretty novel concept.

Unfortunately with the huge first class capacity cuts comes virtually no first class award space as of late April 2011 on the 747. There’s still award space on their A330/340 aircraft, and very limited award space on the 747 on a couple of routes (like Chicago to Frankfurt), though it’s not looking good.

Given that Lufthansa was the absolute best airline when it comes to transatlantic first class award space, this is potentially a huge loss.


  1. Two weeks ago I was holding a DLH B744 F seat IAH-FRA and I let it go rather than ticketing… now its zeroes every day, AUGH. I’m resigned to 1A in C for now.

  2. @chasgoose They’re refurbishing the 744 upper deck to have 8 seats only and to be similar though not identical to A380 F cabin (and taking a long time to do it). However, since they won’t know which routes will have reconfigured cabins or when/what days, they’ve input the inventory go-forward as F8 with and a seat map of 8 seats only. And for a while you’ll likely end up in an old configuration anyway. But at least it should end up never completely full of 16 pax again.

  3. I have a feeling that they should open it up again once they discover they’re not selling even the 8 seats.

  4. I also imagine that this will make for good last-minute inventory once they know the old configurations are assigned to a specific flight/day…

  5. If Lufthansa could upgrade their bus. class seats to what U.S. Air has or what Cathay Pacific is doing, I’d be happy with that. Since it looks like many of us are going to be stuck in LF bus class.

  6. @ryan,

    Our ORD-FRA return in F in July are still showing just fine; check your itin using the LH PNR via the LH website.

    In our case both flights show just our party of four in the cabin so far, assigned to aisle seats with windows grayed out.

  7. This is awful news to those juggling suboptimal award plans. One could always book in F when C was not available and then downgrade when C opened up.

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