A sign you might fly too much…

When, on three flights in a row, you’re recognized by (and recognize) the flight attendant standing at the door greeting passengers… twice by name.


  1. Another sign is when you board and you dont really care where the plane is going as long as 1) you are back abd can sleep in your own bed at night or 2) you don’t care where the destination is as long as you are earning EQMs.

  2. That just means you fly in F too much. For a few years (mid-90s) I was commuting from ABE-DCA and back on the USAIR Dash-8 on Sunday and Friday nights. About a third of the passengers were also regulars. Crew often said welcome back, but I was never once greeted by name.

    Those of us commuting knew each other well. A few of us even had a holiday party at the DCA Legal Seafood place one year.

  3. You guys really need. help. I mean I am a junkie and loved my first DO in Chicago this year and have earned almost 2mil miles in 2 years but you guys are just over the top! Get help…. 1st step, donate your miles to someone who needs them, (like me… I love miles gimmy gimmy gimmy), oh ‘O, sorry, fell off the wag’en again!

  4. The last 2 weeks while mileage running, I heard more than a few gate agents say “Weren’t you on one of my flights earlier/yesterday/today/this morning?” and not think they looked even vaguely familiar -that’s how I knew how completely exhausted I was. I normally remember just about every face and name.

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