The future of premium cabins…

This is the business class seatmap for a flight next week from Florence to Frankfurt on Lufthansa. Something tells me this will be the size of most premium cabins in about five years.


  1. Hang on, isn’t that an only hour or so of flying? I’m surprised there’s even actual premium seating on such a short flight. Do they even use jet equipment on that flight?

  2. It’s no different than United’s Chicago-Atlanta-Chicago route. Both are Embraer jets, and in your case, it’s Lufthansa City Line. Unfortunately, LH doesn’t have F-cabins on most (if not all) intra-European flights.

  3. @ 44john — It is a short flight, and it’s an EMB 190 (big regional jet). Lufthansa’s business class cabins are adjustable in size, depending on the route and demand for a premium product. All they have to do is move the curtain and block the middle seat.

    @ NotAsLuckyAsYou — Yes, except those planes have six seats and are a bit smaller than an EMB190. Not disagreeing with you, it’s just that this is the smallest part of the cabin I’ve ever seen Lufthansa “reserve” for business class.

  4. You are taking the date into account right Lucky? I know you’re aware that business travel obviously drops dramatically around Christmas and few regional holiday travelers are springing for C seats.

    I see some FLR-FRA segments have just two rows at present while others have 4 and 5. Are you looking at LH313 by chance? I see 2 rows next week but one month later, long after the holidays, there are 8 rows currently.

  5. Well, didn’t Delta just announce that they are adding thousands of F sets?

    Besides, nothing premium about that cabin.

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