Ever wondered what the British Midland call center looks like?

In discussing the holiday hours for the call center, British Midland’s “December news and offers” email provides us a glimpse of what their call center must look like:

There are at least three things wrong with the above picture:

1) That’s definitely not what the agents look like
2) There’s more than one agent in the picture
3) They’re smiling in the picture

As pointed out in the FlyerTalk thread on the subject, this is probably closer to what British Midland’s call center looks like. If you’ve never had the distinct honor of dealing with the British Midland call center before, let’s just say they make United’s outsourced agents look like industry-leading professionals.

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  1. Really, have you nothing better to write about. Have you been to the bmi call centre? Have you ever flown bmi or made contact with their call centre??

    Look forward to your comments…

  2. I’m kind of surprised at that, Lucky. Each time I have called the BMI Diamond club (only about three times or so), I’ve always spoken with someone who was friendly, knowledgeable, and had a thick British accent. I kind of giggled each time they spoke…

  3. It’s such a generic shot that it looks like it’s from a stock photo company. There’s no branding on anything!

  4. @UKFlyer — I can’t speak for Lucky, but I have had nothing but painful experiences dealing with the bmi call center. It is the primary reason that I look forward to DC merging into M&M.

  5. UKFlyer — Are you joking? Please search around flyertalk for all of the dry humour about the call center. If you’ve tried dealing with them a few times to book an award, you’d know this photo is utterly ridiculous.

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