United goes US Airways on us and puts ads on tray tables

Pictures from a flight tonight on an Airbus 319. No commentary needed, eh?


  1. haven’t you seen all those “go to meeting” ads on airlines, I don’t know why any of them would allow it.

  2. If UA is selling ads on tray tables, they’re smarter than I (we) give them credit for. I’m ok with the idea.
    Anyway, in C on P.S., the napkin covers the tray table .

  3. @Sam: Pardon the following rant. Many public transit agencies advertise competing modes of transportation. Full bus wraps for Toyota seem especially prevalent. I find this troublesome. While the ads may target other private motorists, the message to transit riders is, “If you’re on this bus, you’re a second-class citizen who should aspire to own a car.” Feh. Moreover, transit agencies shouldn’t accept money from companies whose business is essentially to stop existing drivers from ever trying transit. Detroit has good reason to be afraid for their future: http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=144155

    But I digress, big time. Thanks for that link!

    As for UA’s tray table advertising, it’s a bit tacky but I can live with it. Just please don’t have themed cabins with gauche ad upholstery and bulkheads!

  4. I noticed them last night on my flight back from LAX. I don’t care for them, but they’re not nearly as offensive or as much of an eyesore as the US ads.

  5. @GoAmtrak

    I don’t think those ads on buses are advertising an alternatives to public transit, but rather the brand, toyota in your example as oppose to an competing brand. Those ads largely targets people who’s decided to purchase a car but simply hasn’t decided on which one, hence not having any negative impact on the ridership of the buses.

    The go to meeting ads are quite different, their purpose is to directly take customers away from airlines. I forgot which airline i saw them, but they were on the back of the headrest of the seat in front of you, with messages like “had enough of flying” starring at you the whole flight.

  6. @Sam: Fair enough, but I still see a strong aspirational message being sent to the bus riders themselves, some of whom may be car-owning choice riders for whom taking transit is a stretch to begin with. I don’t think cars are evil, but there’s just something inherently sad to me about seeing them advertised on transit. On the other hand, you can go to the DC area and see Boeing and Airbus ads on Metrorail, not exactly targeted to individual users! Now that’s my kind of other-transport ad! =D

  7. @ Erndog — It was coach, though not ex-Ted. It was an Airbus 319. They’re not in first class, as far as I know.

    I agree with those that say they could look much worse, though…

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