Dinner next Friday night got even better!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the upcoming dinner with Captain Denny in Chicago next Friday, December 17. As if the event wasn’t awesome enough before, it just got even better. Captain Denny’s good friend, Captain John McFadden, will also be in attendance. I flew with Captain McFadden back in June, and wrote about my experience here.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this dinner. Whether you’re a local or not, find a way to make it! Everyone is invited, regardless of whether or not you’re a FlyerTalk member. Just shoot me an email and I can add you to the list.

Hope to see lots of you there.


  1. Indeed. Thanks Ben. I have a meeting near ORD Friday afternoon, I just need to find a place to work for a while until the dinner. Since I’m not flying in, I can’t go to a RCC….
    Hope to see you soon!

  2. When I first read the FT thread, I thought I was getting lucky (excuse me) because I’m going to be in SFO. After I read the thread, I realized dinner isn’t in SFO. Shame this wasn’t posted prior to my booking (back in the early fall). I’m sure Capt Denny would have loved to meet dhammer53!!

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