United will extend one January 2011 systemwide upgrade again this year

Hardly “hot off the press,” but just realized I hadn’t mentioned this. Like in past years, United will extend the expiration date of one systemwide upgrade expiring in January of 2011 by three months (now expiring in April). Only those that have requalified for 1K status can extend a systemwide upgrade, and all it takes to do so is a quick call to the 1K desk.


  1. According to the FT thread, they will extend March SWU to April. But not January to April if you have March.

  2. I really appreciate the tip. Not sure I navigated the phone tree properly: 1k desk / Upgrades / International, then transferred to MP desk. Anyway, I had 1 expiring in Jan, and 2 expiring in March. I still have the two in March, but Jan has been pushed to 4/2011, per your post.

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