50% bonus on purchased British Midland Diamond Club miles through December 12

Talk about a hidden promotion! British Midland is offering a 50% bonus on purchased miles through December 12. I don’t see this being promoted anywhere publicly by British Midland, though if you log into your Diamond Club account and click on “buy destination miles,” you should see the offer. You can purchase a maximum of 24,000 destination miles per year with them. Through this promotion, you pay the cost of 16,000 miles, and would get a total of 24,000 destination miles at a cost of £207.00GBP, or about $327USD. If my math is right, that’s under 1.4 cents per mile, which is a great value for bmi miles, at least until British Midland’s Diamond Club gets merged into Lufthansa’s Miles & More program sometime next year.

(Tip of the hat to TMtravelworld)


  1. Is this merger of BMI Diamond Club going to happen? I see you speak of their benefits…but I don’t really see it. Also, it seems to take longer to get to Gold Status through United, is that right?
    Their Gold line is terrible by the way – you’re dead right there.

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