US Airways’ 60,000 mile off-peak business class awards are a great deal!

If you look at US Airways’ award chart (for travel on them, and not their partner airlines), you’ll notice a few things. First of all, you’ll notice how hilariously inflated their “high” awards are to South American and Europe — 350,000 miles roundtrip in business class. Yeah, the award chart isn’t the only thing that’s “high!” That’s neither here nor here, though. The reason for my post is that you’ll also notice their off-peak awards, which are some of the best deals in the industry. Most notably, they offer off-peak awards to Europe for only 60,000 miles in business class between January 15 and February 28, and off-peak awards to South America (on the one flight they operate) for 60,000 miles in business class between May 1 and May 31, and October 1 and October 31. Again, this is only for travel on US Airways, and not on any of their partners.

Troy just snagged a couple of seats to Paris in US Airways’ new Envoy Suites product, which I’ve heard some people compare to international first class (I’d call that a stretch, but then again, I haven’t tried the product). Then again, it does look like a solid new product, and it’s available on a majority of their A330-200 aircraft.

US Airways does make it fairly cumbersome to search for these awards (I can’t find a way to display a calendar with availability for business class online), but if you find space in business class on the ANA tool, you should be able to pull it up on at the reduced cost. Lastly, if you have the US Airways Mastercard, keep in mind that you get a further 5,000 mile discount on awards.

Overall, not a shabby deal at all! I’m probably a bit too warm-blooded to visit Europe in January or February, though it’s temping for sure…


  1. Troy’s post just had me researching this as well. What is really shocking to me is that US Airways flies non-stop from CLT and/or PHL to 15 cities in Europe. That’s pretty impressive for an airline that I usually try to avoid.

    We will definitely be booking one of these awards for Jan/Feb 2012. I love the cold and snow!

  2. I also love the 60k off peak awards and they are the primary reason why I got in on Grand Slam- I ended up getting two roundtrip business class tickets from the west coast to Madrid for less than $500 cash outlay.

    Also, they show fine for me on the calendar view- I believe its a purple shading.

  3. I booked 2 off peak 60K biz for LAX-MAD for Jan 2010. I was thinking about the 60K biz award for this year but I bought a pair of $468ai tickets on AA LAX-JFK-MXP. Since I am AA Exp, I used my VIP’s to upgrade.

    I had 20K US miles and it would have cost me $1375 to buy 100K miles (50K + 50K bonus) and found availability to MAD. MAD isn’t too bad in winter. When we went in Jan 2010, Sevilla was 70 degrees in the daytime. 🙂

  4. I redeemed 2 60K biz saver tickes for travel in Jan 2010. Great use of miles! It was for LAX-PHL-MAD. That was the older Envoy class but it was decent enough. Taxes for 2 was $79 total.

    Spain is not too bad in the winter. When we took the train to Sevilla, it was 70 degrees in the daytime.

  5. Ben,

    Are US off-peak awards like AA off-peak awards in that they only have to start, i.e. travel does not have to be completed, within the off-peak window?

  6. That’s really a great deal! We’ve tried the new Envoy Suites by using Chairman upgrade certificates, and they are really worth it! The bad thing is that the flight from Philadelphia to Paris is far too short!

  7. I just flew the Envoy suites MUC-PHL and they are absolutely awesome. Better than UA’s new business class.

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