Does anyone else suffer from AwardWalletitis?

I’m pretty sure I need professional help. There’s no doubt that is a really handy website for keeping track of your points balances across various programs, though is it so useful that I should be checking my balances a dozen times a day? I knew I checked my balances often, but today I decided to actually count, and I’ve refreshed my balances 12 times today. It’s typically the first thing I do when I turn on my computer, and also what I do just about whenever I have a free minute. The worst part is that not a single mile has posted to any of my accounts today, yet I still check obsessively.

I need help. Anyone else in the same boat?


  1. You do need help! šŸ™‚ I suffer from having too many things tracking my points and travel activities!

  2. I check maybe every 3 weeks unless I’m waiting for miles to post for an award trip.

    lucky: Maybe the next UA promo will be 100 bonus miles each time you check your mileage balance šŸ˜‰

  3. There are only two programs I really care about, and on a given day I *might* expect activity in one of them. My only definitive daily routine is to check my UA itins. Definitely glad to not be an AwardWallet member!

  4. AwardWallet has a widget you can add to your iGoogle homepage, so that every time you do a Google Search or open up your browser it shows all your balances. This way it is there all the time, and then you don’t have a problem. šŸ™‚

  5. Ben — how about a review of the various services? AwardWallet, Gomiles, usingmiles, etc.

    Seems like this is becoming a crowded sector.

  6. Agree with hobo13 – that would be an interesting comparison.

    Personally, I find GoMiles to be very useful. I really like the format.

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