Delta Medallion Qualifying Miles for charitable donations

Ah, Delta, the airline that just about allows you to make top tier status without stepping foot on a plane. At least in this case it’s for a good cause. Anyway, through December 15, Delta is offering Medallion Qualifying Miles (yes, those are status miles, not redeemable miles) for donations to AID Atlanta, the Grady Health Foundation or the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project.

They’re offering 2,500 MQMs for a donation between $250 and $499, and 5,000 MQMs for a donation of over $500. You can earn MQMs once per charity, so can earn a maximum of 15,000 MQMs from this promotion.

While it’s not mileage run material, these are great causes, and status miles certainly don’t hurt either…


  1. This is a good deal for Delta MQM, if you place much value on your time. Here’s my math:

    Option #1 — Donate:
    $1,500 for 15,000 EQM
    Tax deduction of 40% = $600
    Net cost = $900 and 30 minutes of time.

    Option #2 — Mile Run:
    $500 for 15,000 EQM
    As a Diamond Medallion, earn 33,750 RDM.
    Valued at 1.2 cent per RDM = $405
    Net cost $95 + 50 hours of time.

    So, if you value your time at more than $16.25 per hour after taxes, you are better off buying the EQM.

    Now, if this were for United EQMs, you could earn $2,000 of vouchers along the way, so you’d likely be better off dong the mile run!

  2. I can’t support the MLK National Memorial project ever since I found out the King family is charging it royalties for the use of MLK’s words and images in the fundraising effort for that.

    He was an extraordinary man who served a great cause, but I couldn’t imagine charging royalties if someone wanted to build a memorial to a family member of mine on the National Mall.

  3. Any other EQM opportunities out there?
    Will pay anything not to Mileage run!!!!!! (unlike our lucky boy here)

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