1. Nice article Ben! I tried posting this on TravelSort, but the comments section doesn’t appear to work for me.

    Regarding your article: The AA status match price fluctuates. I recently (late Sept.) paid for an AA Platinum challenge, and it was only $200. 🙂

    Also, I’d love your opinion on something. I just completed the platinum challenge on AA (woohoo!). Will CO status match me if I only have 20k miles on AA since joining their program back in Aug. (but I have Platinum through a challenge)?

  2. Hi Pacific,
    Glad you liked Ben’s article, and thanks for your comment! Ben did actually note that the price ranges from $150-$240 for the Platinum challenge, so the $200 you paid seems in line with that.
    Would also like to help you post your comment on TravelSort–did you login using Facebook? Once logged in, you should be able to add your comment.

  3. Oops! Thank Hilary… I completely overlooked that he’d stated a range. My mistake for reading over it too face.

    I don’t want to share my facebook info, so I guess I can’t post to TravelSort…. which is a shame… seems like a really nice site. Do you know of any workaround?

  4. Was going to comment at but you need to register with facebook which I don’t really want to do.

    Anyway, a good article.

  5. Ben,

    Round-about question re: AA challenge. I’m UA 1k now, and will be PremEx (on United) in 2011. Rather than ask AA for a Challenge, isn’t it a better idea to get a status match from Alaska, so that I can use it to fly AA?
    Seems this is a work-around no? I’d get all the One World benefits without the hassle.

    What’s your opinion?

  6. @Pacific- regarding your status match with CO, i ran into that issue a while back when I tried getting DL to match the United status I got through work. Easy, at least with DL. DL does not require a statement, and will status match based on your elite card alone. I just photocopied the card and faxed it in; they never asked to see how much i had actually flown with UA. If CO does the same, you should be set once you receive your AA Platinum card.

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