30,000 miles and $50 statement credit for Chase Continental credit card

While this isn’t some mega, 100,000 mile sign-up bonus, the days for Continental credit cards are numbered, given that frequent flyer programs will be merged in about a year. Because I expect the card to go away, I actually signed up for the Chase Continental OnePass credit card last month. While the sign-up bonus was only 25,000 miles after the first purchase and another 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user, I still figured it was worthwhile.

Well, they’ve upped the sign-up bonus. While the mileage component is the same, they now include a $50 statement credit, and (as before) the first year’s annual fee is waived.

Again, it’s not the most amazing sign-up bonus in the world, but I figured the Hyatt and Priority Club Chase credit cards can wait, since those aren’t going anywhere.


  1. I called to cancel my pain in the ass continental debit card…but have to wait a few more days until my last charge clears…then BYE BYE Chase Checking!

  2. Pay off your balance in full and you don’t have to worry about the APR. I’ve got 5 domestic flights, 1 flight to hawaii, 3 nights in Times Square ($400/night), and $600 in carnival gift cards in the past 2 years from credit cards and haven’t spent a dime on interest. Gotta love em 😀

  3. Just FYI, Chase granted me the $50 statement credit even though I signed up for the card last month. I emailed them through the secure message center.

  4. Lucky, what is the link to the secure message center. I too got the card a month or two ago and would like to get the statement credit. Thanks!

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