1. I’m no fan of TSA policies, but this snippy jab at them seems desperate given the actual context presented in the article. Your blog, but I can go to Drudge for this framing; there are fairer critiques.

  2. In a preemptive response to the inevitable comment “it’s your choice whether to fly or not, it’s not a right, it’s a privilege”; that logic simply doesn’t hold true.

    The TSA employ techniques that have little or no bearing on security.

    Imagine for a moment that the TSA are issued with a new directive that everyone must empty their bowels in order to pass through (no pun intended) security. Would people be happy with that? Would the ‘it’s your choice to fly’ brigade still be happy? The TSA could tenuously claim that it would show that you hadn’t hidden explosives or contraband rectally.

    Standing up against daft checks is not anti-anti-terrorism, nor is anti-patriotic or anti-social. We must ensure that we don’t fall into the GWB “You’re either with us or against us” flawed logic.

    Where’s the limit on directives that we must comply with or not be allowed to fly?

  3. Hey—those terrorists are getting creative these days and could be using little brats in the air as their next medium for striking. Needless to say, kids are already terrorists in their nature.

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