Aeroplan transfer bonuses from Starwood and Membership Rewards!

Through December 5, Aeroplan (Air Canada’s frequent flyer program) is offering some very nice transfer bonuses from all of their hotel partners and American Express. In my opinion Aeroplan miles are already the most valuable mileage currency, so any additional bonus is only a huge plus. If you convert points into the equivalent of 20,000 or more miles, you get a 5,000 point bonus. In other words, if you transfer 20,000 American Express Membership Rewards points, you get 25,000 Aeroplan miles, and if you transfer 20,000 Starwood points, you get 30,000 Aeroplan miles. They are also offering bonuses for smaller transfers — a transfer which equates to up to 9,999 Aeroplan miles earns a 1,000 mile bonus, and a transfer which equates to up to 19,999 Aeroplan miles earns a 2,000 mile bonus.

(Tip of the hat to David)


  1. Can a person receive the transfer bonus multiple times? For example transfer 20,000 MR rewards points five times for a total of 100,000 AC points and then receive the 5000 points bonus five times for a total bonus of 25,000AC points, or is this a one time bonus offer deal?

  2. @ chitownflyer — Per the terms and conditions, it appears you can earn the bonus a maximum of one time per transfer partners. So you can earn the bonus once from Starwood, once from American Express, etc.

  3. I am a new Aeroplan user, so forgive the ignorance. Am I reading correctly in the award chart that there are only coach and/or business seats available for award travel?? Also, through star alliance on Croatia Airlines, I am trying to get a ticket through to Split, Croatia, with a stopover in Paris. Is this Region 1 and only 85K points for business class? So, in essence I can transfer 140K miles from Amex and get two business tickets – is that correct??? Please help…

  4. @ Cecilia Rose — Not quite. Aeroplan allows three cabin first class redemptions. Look at the “Star Alliance Award Chart” tab, and not the Air Canada one. This is a single, 5,000 point bonus from any given source, so you can only earn 5,000 bonus points once from American Express Membership Rewards. But it will still be a fantastic value, and they allow two stopovers on awards, which is awesome.

  5. Whatever you do, don’t transfer in some of your hotel points…..10,000 PC points per 2,000 AP miles is NOT good value, even with a bonus.

  6. I was thinking of starting up an Aeroplan account and start using it. Is it true that miles expire after 7 years? I guess I’d use them in that time, but I can’t believe they expire even if you have continued activity….

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