Priority Club increases the cost of Points & Cash redemptions

Last year Priority Club introduced a “Points & Cash” option for reward stays, allowing you to discount a hotel reward stay by 5,000 points with a $30 co-pay, and by 10,000 points with a $60 co-pay. As pointed out by Loyalty Traveler, it seems that Priority Club has raised the co-pay for a 5,000 point discount from $30 to $40, while keeping the co-pay for a 10,000 point discount the same.

I could definitely see the logic in them raising the prices across the board proportionally, but it just seems strange to be selling a 5,000 point discount at 0.8 cents per point, and a 10,000 point discount at 0.6 cents per point. That certainly makes the 10,000 point discount more compelling…

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