Ron Paul sounds off about the new full body scanners and pat down procedure

Thanks to Ron Paul for finally bring some sense to Congress regarding the full body scanners and enhanced pat down procedure by introducing a bill:

That’s the most brilliant five minute speech I’ve heard from a government official in, well, just about forever.

On a related note, check out this picture that appeared on the front page of the Denver Post today, along with the article about the controversy surrounding the new pat downs and full body scanners:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have us a research paper right there!

Lastly, check out this hilarious clip from the Colbert Report a couple of nights ago, featuring Jeffrey Goldberg. Brilliant!


  1. Great video, thank you Ron Paul. But I have one question.

    You pronounced homocides as if it were two words, kind of like homo – sides, where the first word was pronounced as homo as in homosexual. Was that done on purpose? I hope not.


  2. Thank you, Ron Paul. I love his idea of having all members of Congress and the Cabinet go through the porno scanners and the groping pat downs. I want to add that they should also have their wives/husbands and children go through the same security procedures. I guarantee you, the following day there will be 534 co-signers to Ron Paul’s bill.

  3. Gee, funny how civil liberties are never an issue with these politicians when the victims are dark skined or leftist protestors. This has been going on a lot longer and it started with the conservative Supreme Courts weaking of Warren Court protections of illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement but I guess no one wants to talk about that. Clearly its ok to be against police powers when it actually might effect YOU, yea that is ideological consistency at its best eh? You know you can always count on libertarians, NOT!

  4. I just wish there was a frequent traveler limited procedure. Something like the old days, no shoes off, laptop in the bag, liquids in the bag… just reroute the elite lines into such a special line… a breeze to implement… and NOT charge $100s a year to “sign up”

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