Hilarious commentary on TSA’s new full body scanners

Check out Taiwan-based Next Media Animation’s hilarious commentary on the latest issues with the TSA:


(Tip of the hat to GoAmtrak)


  1. Look how big that guy’s you-know-what is! Is he hard going through the xray machine or something? I guess the Asians know that Americans have bigger Mr. Wangs

  2. I keep reading about this with horror: what happens today in the US is imposed on the rest of the world next year.

    Would one solution not to be to make a formal complaint for sexual assault after each enhanced patdown? Surely the TSA and police would be forced to at least look into the allegation, and if they received several a day perhaps the message would get through?

    It might also give TSA employees a valid reason to refuse to perform the enhanced patdowns (I’m sure most of them don’t relish them either)…

  3. @ptahcha – Trust me, I’ve seen enough Mr. Peepees and that is not a bomb…well it can be…BACK TO THE POINT.

    Funny video. 🙂

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