Airplane etiquette 101: don’t file your husband’s nails on an airplane

I think most people agree that filing nails on an airplane isn’t good etiquette. So imagine my surprise, when, seated across from me in first class from San Diego to Chicago yesterday, a lady was filing her husband’s nails. Seriously?!?

While I was surprised to see that, the flight attendant got a real kick of it — “you’ve gotta be kidding me,” she said.


  1. I can top this. Sitting in business class between SFO and HKG, the guy across the aisle from me took his socks and shoes off and clipped his toenails. Yuck!!!

  2. This reminds me of my college dorm back in the day when people who were obviously oblivious to the rest of the world would give HAIRCUTS in the hallways and just leave a huge mess like the whole world was their toilet. Perhaps this couple could have been the parents of one of those haircut exhibitionists!

  3. Guy at the table next to me in Starbucks leaned very conspicuously to the side and ripped a loud fart. He was as nonchalant about it as if he had just scratched his head. I looked at him and he looked at me me as if I was the one with the problem!

  4. I’ve sat next to a guy In F a few weeks ago who picked the dead skin off of his toes and feet, letting it fall on the carpet — and then ate dinner without washing up first.

  5. Had a lady start painting her fingernails on a flight from SFO to ACV once, it was a little Brazilia so you can imagine the smell filled the cabin pretty quickly. It took the FA three tries and a threat of police action when we landed to get her to stop – after the first two instructions to stop, she put the cap on the bottle…then took it right back off the moment the FA walked away.

  6. This whole thread: Ew, ew ew!!! Any time people decide that clipping nails in public is okay, I always give the icy death stare till we make eye contact. Even if they don’t stop, at least they might know there are other people in the world and their dirty body clippings don’t magically disappear into the ether.

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