Avianca and COPA to join the Star Alliance

According to The Wall Street Journal, Avianca-TACA and COPA are set to join the Star Alliance. I’m not at all surprised that COPA is joining the Star Alliance. They’re basically Continental (just look at their planes!), so it’s only natural that the partnership will continue. This is a mild gain for the Star Alliance since members of Star Alliance frequent flyer programs other than Continental will finally be able to redeem their miles for flights on COPA. Star Alliance is otherwise pretty weak from North American to Central America, so that’s a nice addition.

At the same time, this has other, more significant implications. With LAN and TAM merging, the question all along has been whether they will join the Star Alliance or OneWorld. This will basically be the South America super airline, so I was hoping they would join the Star Alliance, but I think this pretty much rules that out. Enjoy LATAM, OneWorld!

(Tip of the hat to Joe)


  1. COPA = Continental Panama.
    It’s still the national airline of panama, for all practical reasons.

    Really sad if we are losing TAM – they have a nice 3 class product

  2. I think that the hope that LATAM would join star was a pretty slim in the first place. With the JV that LAN had with AA and it’s deep roots in OW. That combined with some acceptance that LAN’s management is going to be the dominate partner in the joint airline.

  3. Avianca-TACA joins Star Alliance and what happens to the rest of TACA. When you say Avianca-TACA does that mean all of the TACA flights?

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