1. You might want to edit that sentence. You put US Airways instead of AirTran, which had me really excited as I am flying US Airways on the 25th. 🙂

  2. Free WiFi is not nearly enough incentive to get me to book a flight on Delta.

    @ alex – I think it was Google’s decision, not AA’s. According to the article that I read, Google chose the airlines that have their entire fleet outfitted with GoGo.

  3. My profession is computer security and as such I watch some of the security blogs. That crosses over with DHS and TSA stuff that’s popular here.

    I’ve seen several reports today that inflight WIFI and cellular is being evaluated as a risk. The “movie theatre” threat is that a suicide passenger will use his phone or computer to call the phone attached to the toner cartridge in the hold.

    The madness continues….

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