1,000 United Mileage Plus miles (and soap!) for under $8

United’s newest online shopping partner is drugstore.com, and through December 31, they’re offering 1,000 bonus Mileage Plus miles for your first purchase. There are several items for $1.19, though unfortunately standard shipping is about $6. But still, that’s over 1,000 Mileage Plus miles for under $8. Purchases must be made through this page to qualify.

Travel sized bar of soap, here I come!

Their prices actually seem reasonable, though, so if there’s something you actually need, there is free shipping on orders over $25.

(Tip of the hat to Alex)


  1. For those of us with money left in a flexable spending account, this is a great place to buy! I’ve bought over 10 cans of suntan lotion from here. Too bad the new healthcare removed OTC from FSAs…..

  2. @Paul health care reform did NOT remove OTC items from FSAs. It removed non-prescription drug items (without a prescription, which will qualify them again, weird) from FSA reimbursements. Non-drug over-the-counter items are still legally permitted after health care reform. Though a given plan document may not permit it.

    @oleg I got the email from United as well, “Earn 1,000 bonus award miles when you make your first purchase by December 31, 2010.” The promo page doesn’t mention the offer but it’s not targeted.

  3. @Gary- Same thing…. I can’t deduct tylenol without paying a $20 copay to get a prescription so I can deduct my OTC. What you are describing is an incredible hurdle that almost no one will pursue……

  4. Lucky, I’ve used this site a lot in the past because on ebates.com they often will have “daily double” 12% cash back promotions, so couple that with the “Drugstore dollars” that you earn from using the site and free shipping for $25+, it’s really a good deal.

  5. this is a good deal especially if you combine it with $20 certificate for $10 from http://www.tada.com/ (today only) you’ll need just $5 more for free shipping… so for $15 you get $25 worth of stuff with free shipping plus 1k miles… decent.

  6. I want to get this miles as they are what I need to get sufficient miles in my mileage plus to a trip. I don’t live, however, in the US. Can someone help me giving me a adress I could send something cheap from this store in order to earn the 1000 miles ? Thank you

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