United’s latest travel option: time travel?

A week before departure, United always sends out “pre-travel” emails recapping the itinerary and offering United “Travel Options.” Well, my friend Maja must have purchased some kind of a special travel option:

I wonder how much an annual time travel pass costs?


  1. They are testing out the new mileage run package, allowing you to schedule your mileage runs in the past to take advantage of promotions when you have the money.

  2. @mowogo lol ^

    I wonder if they also have an option to make a r/t in E+ to SYD go much, much faster… 😀

  3. @ Sam — It is photoshopped to the extent that Maja forwarded me the original email and I cropped the picture so only that information would show (and not her name, record locator, etc.). Other than that it’s 100% authentic.

  4. That errorlevelanalysis site is interesting, but notoriously unreliable. I have unaltered pictures which, according to the description, would look photoshopped.

  5. I can attest for the authenticity… just got my PreFlight notice for next Saturday and have the same arrival dates of June 3, 2009. Too funny… never really looked at those emails too closely until now.

  6. I forwarded the bad pre-travel note to the 1K desk and asked them to forward it to Web support. The Web support people don’t understand me and I can’t understand half of what they are saying. And being called “Ma’am” every sentence makes me crazy. ~Maja B.

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