United paints a plane for Oprah

To commemorate Oprah’s final season, United decided to dedicate one of their planes to her. When I first heard that I was a bit worried, hoping they wouldn’t get too creative. Fortunately the paint scheme isn’t half bad; you can see a picture here.

What’s more interesting to me, though, is this tidbit from NYC Aviation:

The interior is specially decorated by Oprah herself, and passengers will be greeted with a special video from Winfrey, as well.

Am I the only one dying to know how Oprah decided to decorate the aircraft? Are the barf bags filled with homemade muffins? Is John Travolta hiding in the overhead bins? Are there free tickets to Auuuuuustrallllllia in the seatback pockets? And hopefully her message doesn’t bring the audience passengers to tears.

And it better not replace Jeff Smisek, President and CEO of United, reminding us that Continental and United are combining to form the world’s leading airline, initially operating separately, but over the course of the year following their merger, working together to form a single airline that delivers clean, safe, and reliable air transportation, great customer service, and a broad choice of destinations and flights. Yes, sadly enough I memorized all of that. Probably time to find a new hobby… or fly a new airline.


  1. I barf’d. Also, I thought Her Majesty dumped UA in favor of AA a long time ago – something about her flying commercial and United not properly or sufficiently kissing her a$$?

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