Chase Continental debit card offer extended through December 31

I’ve posted a million times about the awesome Chase Continental checking account offers, for 25,000 miles per personal account and 25,000 miles per business account. The previous coupon for the offer expired on October 31, though the offer has now been extended through the end of the year. You can find the personal account coupon here and the business account coupon here.

These are 50,000 miles you really can’t afford to miss out on.


  1. Glad to see they extended it! I’ve already gotten 25K for my personal chase account, and I’ll also be getting another 25K for a business account. Very nice promo!

  2. @Vinny, you can sign up for an account online. That’s how I did it, as there are no Chase Banks in Kansas. When you get the coupon from CO/Chase, it will have a cert # that you can enter online. Just go to, click on checking, and then follow the directions for free Chase Checking. The Chase Checking app will have a field to enter a cert #, and a step or two later you will get a screen saying CO 10K + CO 15K…

  3. If I already did this promo with Chase a year ago and the account is now closed — am I able to qualify for this one again?

  4. bernie, these have always been one of each account (personal & business) per calendar year.

    Now, can we get Citi to reinstate their 40,000 AA mile promo too?

  5. Can one sign up for the Business account online? It is my understanding that you can only sign up for the personal account online (which I successfully already did). But I havent gotten the 25K for the Business account because I read somewhere that you cant do it online. Can anyone verify this?

  6. OK – I just tried to sign up using Friendly Skies’ online suggestion. I ended up saving the app but not finishing. When it got to the part about entering my OnePass number, it only said 10,000 CO Miles – despite the fact that the coupon page that I printed talked about 25,000 miles.

    Does anyone have any experience with actually getting the 25K miles after signing up online, instead of going in to a branch? I don’t have Chase branches in Maryland. Thanks.

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