Chase British Airways Visa eliminates foreign transaction fees!

This is great news. Starting this month, Chase is eliminating the 3% foreign transaction fee on their British Airways co-branded Visa credit card. This is the only airline credit card I know of without foreign transaction fees, so for me, this alone will be enough reason to keep the British Airways Visa in my wallet. That, and I actually like the card, as I outlined in my Travelsort column last week.

Bravo, Chase!


  1. W-O-W it will still have a foreign exchange rate that benefits chase, but I NEVER saw this coming. Chase Mileage Plus visa going in the drawer, Ba card going to be main card now. As i live in canadia. Wow! Thanks lucky for the FYI!

  2. Chase Priority Club card doesn’t have the foreign transaction fee either, although its not a very rewarding card. Yay to the BA card !

  3. If it is as you say it is, that’s great news; by contrast I suspect that they’ll worsen the exchange rate you’re getting (not market rate, but say 3% below market) as this is technically not a “fee”…

    Who knows? Call me cynical….

  4. The Hyatt Chase card also has no foreign transaction fees. Perhaps Chase has figured out how much folks hate these fees. Perhaps this will become the new area for card competition, akin to major hotel chains one by one this past year giving up internet fees.

  5. The more I think about it, the more brilliant of a move this was. They’re announcing this right around the one year anniversary of the card, when the annual fee kicks in and many people would otherwise cancel the card.

  6. This is nice — but I’m still not sure its worth keeping it for $85/year…. A lot of cards are beginning offering this….

  7. I really wish the UA Chase card would offer no fees for foreign transactions. With four international trips this year, I’m starting to feel the foreign fees. Perhaps I’ll apply for the BA card.

  8. I selected Capital One’s Venture card for that very reason and others.
    – No annual fee first year; $59 future years,
    – 2x miles on every purchase
    – redeem awards for any travel purchase (pay with card, then call them up and tell them to use your points to pay that purchase); rewards are credited redeemd $.01/miles credit. With the 2x miles earning on all purchases, this makes it a pretty decent earning card in my opinion. My recent trip back to the US from Europe cost $750 in Coach. To pay for that trip with Continental miles, as an example, would have cost me 55,000 miles (and possibly 55K of spend on their credit card). To pay for that trip with my Capital One Venture card would have cost me 75,000 miles (or 37.5K of spend on their credit card). In addition, I won’t have to look for availability on Continental’s reward calendar.
    – no blackout dates on rewards

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