Delta flight attendants vote against union representation

Well, here’s some interesting news today from Delta. As many probably know, Delta flight attendants were not unionized in the past, while former Northwest flight attendants were, so not surprisingly, there was a lot of debate over whether the “new” flight attendant workforce at Delta would be unionized or not.

Well, the voting is finally complete, and it looks like flight attendants at the new Delta will not be unionized. 53% of flight attendants rejected AFA representation, while 44% voted in favor it.

Regardless of where you stand on unions, Delta’s management team deserves quite a bit of credit for having a good enough relationship with their flight attendants so that they don’t feel the need to be unionized. At United during the Tilton days, I doubt you would have found more than a handful of flight attendants that would have turned down union representation.


  1. The CO/UA flight attendant debate is going to be more on which union will represent them. This is an easier battle, as it really is each union offering what they can get, and I honestly would not be surprised to see the CO union win based on what they have secured for their members compared to the AFA for United.

    As for Delta, this is really not a surprise as I have been following it, and there are a lot of Delta people who prefer the direct lines of communication, especially with some of the stunts that the AFA has pulled since the merger to try and get Delta in trouble.

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