Delta Medallion status for a Membership Rewards transfer (plus 50% bonus)?

Lately American Express Membership Rewards seems to be offering targeted transfer bonuses, so I’m not sure whether anyone with a Membership Rewards card is eligible, or just some.

I just posted about the British Airways 30% transfer bonus, and reader Ivan commented that he saw a 30% transfer bonus for Aeroplan on his Membership Rewards page.

I couldn’t help but go back and look at mine, and was quite sad to see that there was no such 30% bonus offer from Aeroplan for me.

But I did notice a Delta promotion, offering a 50%(!!!) transfer bonus through December 15. That’s about as high as I’ve ever seen from them, though it’s still not a phenomenal deal, since I’d say 1 Aeroplan miles is still worth more than 1.5 Delta miles. But I was shocked to see that they’re also offering 25,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles for transfers of more than 50,000 Membership Rewards points. Registration is required.

So for transferring 51,000 Membership Rewards points you get 76,500 miles and 25,000 Medallion Qualifying Miles?

Anyone else seeing this promotion on their American Express Membership Rewards page?


  1. Delta really do take away the requirement to actually fly to get status, I just got a Delta Amex credit card offer for 20K MQM, and there is a Hilton promotion for up to 10K MQM, I wonder how close you could get to diamond without actually getting on a plane.

  2. It appears to be targeted:

    To participate in this offer, eligible members must register online at If you are not yet a SkyMiles member, enroll now or call 1-800-323-2323. Offer available to U.S. residents only. This offer is non-transferable and is only eligible for the SkyMiles member receiving this communication directly from Delta Air Lines.

  3. I suggest everyone go to that link and try. I never got any notification, but I was able to register at that link.

  4. You only need to transfer 50K MR points to get the 25K MQM. And you don’t automatically get Silver elite status. If you already have 50K MQM like me, the extra 25K MQM will bump you to platinum. Pretty nice deal.

  5. John,
    why wouldn’t you get silver elite status? If you have 25K MQM, doesn’t that automatically put you at silver? Or are these MQMs different and about as useful as non MQM mileage? How does that work?

  6. @ Sara — I don’t think that’s John’s point. You would get Silver if you started from nothing and took advantage of this promotion. I think John’s point is that you can get more than just Silver. So if you already earned 100,000 MQMs for the year, you wouldn’t just get Silver status, which does nothing for you, but instead get 25,000 MQMs which would push you to Diamond.

  7. I got in and the 25k MQM (along with the regular and bonus miles) posted in about 10 minutes, Diamond for another year 🙂

  8. I registered for this, was told that I was registered, and followed the link to transfer. I made the 50,000 points transfer, which was instantaneous. However, there was no mention of a 50% bonus or MQM.

    Has anyone had the experience of how quickly the bonus miles and MQM post? I may be the example of why one shouldn’t play with targeted promotions. I accumulate DL miles anyway, so it won’t be a loss.

    Still, I’d love to hear if anyone else who wasn’t targeted actually got the transfer and MQM bonus.

  9. I always print out the promo offer page (save as a PDF). I then wait whatever time the offer says. It is usually in the fine print but typically 4-6 weeks. I’ve had to follow up in a couple of cases.

    I use Amex Plat for our biz and watch for offers like these as I fly Delta 80% of the time.

    Since I use points for travel, especially longer trips, I don’t accumulate many Delta points. But with offers like these and my Delta Reserve card, I can typically be assured Silver or Gold status.

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