85,000 applicants for 1,000 flight attendant positions at Delta?

Delta announced a couple of months ago that they were looking to hire about 1,000 flight attendants, which is the first hiring of flight attendants we’ve seen by a legacy airline in quite a while now. While I expected there to be quite a few applicants, I’m shocked to hear that there were apparently over 85,000 applicants for the 1,000 or so open positions.

If that’s indeed true, we better see some really, really good new hires. How long they actually stick around, if they’re that qualified, is anyone’s guess.

I never expected a flight attendant job at a legacy to be more sought after than at Singapore Airlines.


  1. What about Lufthansa? Are they not considered to be a legacy airline? Because they’ve been hiring for month now and are still afaik…

  2. @Marc When referring to Legacy airlines it refers to the U.S. carriers that were affected by deregulation in the 70’s. The big 5 legacies include Delta, United, Continental, U.S. Airways, and American.

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