Ever had a pilot this chatty on the PA?

A reader sends in this audio clip he recorded on a recent flight of the captain’s PA announcement. This is no prank. Yes, that’s audio of the captain talking about how great his daughter is at golf for over four minutes on the PA, about an hour before landing. But that’s only about two minutes into his “talk,” which is the point at which the reader decided it was time to start recording. Apparently the captain also talked about his daughter while on the ground, and then again 20 minutes before landing, since some passengers had questions.

The person that sent this in also insists that there was an FAA inspector in the cockpit based on his conversation with the flight attendants. They were incredibly embarrassed about the whole announcement and were in total disbelief that the captain would do this while an FAA inspector was in the cockpit.

Can anyone top that?


  1. No mic mistake. At the end he says “Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy this flight”.
    Kinda strange announcement if you ask me!

  2. Being a captive audience with no way to turn him off, this announcement would have made me FURIOUS. I like to sleep on flights and this would have prevented that. Not to mention it really brings into question his judgment which is not something I want to question when I’m flying. I’m not one to complain usually but I would have complained about this. What a nut.

  3. If you ever are fortunate enough to fly with Bruce Dickinson (757 captain for Astraeus when he’s not performing with Iron Maiden), you’ll experience a whole new realm of announcements from the cockpit. I think the shortest pre-flight welcome briefing I’ve heard from him was around 7 minutes long and they sometimes stretch into the 10 minute range. Never boring though.

  4. While short and sweet is preferred, he/she can say whatever if they just let me go to the bathroom and don’t leave the seatbelt sign on.

  5. I was on this flight from ORD to SEA on Monday morning and it was actually 8 1/2 minutes. Wish we’d been bumped. It’s cool to see a post about it though.

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