25,000 miles for Chase checking accounts a thing of the past?

As I’ve blogged about many times, one of the best deals out there to earn miles is the Chase offer of 25,000 miles for opening a checking account. Open a personal and business account every year, and you’re looking at 50,000 almost free miles per year.

The most recent “coupon” for the offer only ran through September 30. It’s not unusual for Chase to only extend the “coupon” expiration date a few days before it is set to expire, but in this case it has been a week.

Maybe this is the end of 25,000 miles per checking account? Or maybe (I realize I’m dreaming here) they’re just working on a new, equally good “new” United offer now?


  1. They caught on to that and now make it available for “new” customers only. Even if you close your old accounts, it takes a non-trivial amount of time to become a “new” customer again. I have been told that time period is one year.

  2. for some reason CO only gave me 22500 for each account i opened. but still better then the 0 miles i’ll be getting next year.

  3. @Mark, you are allowed one chase checking/debit account bonus per calendar year. Receive bonus in 2010, then apply again in 2011. Account closure is not necessary to receive new bonus. You can apply for the personal and business checking/debit. Hope this helps someone.

  4. MRFlyer: This seems contrary to what I’ve been told at every branch. The bonus is for opening an account, and the terms now say that it must be opened by a new customer.

    Can you provide more info?

  5. @Mark, my comments are based on fatwallet & flyertalk discussions I’ve read over the past several months. Both sites have ongoing threads discussing the ins and outs of this deal. I do not have first hand knowledge on this subject, currently on my 1st chase debit/checking bonus. I would believe experienced flyertalkers over bank droids anyday of the week imho.

  6. Chase added to the terms and conditions of the offer that customers must be having “new customers,” and they may even not allow the offer if you have an exisiting Chase checking account. If you are going to churn this offer, leave the account open for a minimum of 6 months, and then close it, and reopen another 6-12 months later.

  7. When I opened my Chase checking in late Sept. the CS told me that they would not be extending the promotion.

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