1. Lucky,

    Is it worth even earning Gold status? other then some bonus points you get when you stay what else does Gold really give you? I can stay at Aloft for 4 stays for about $360 + tax, just not sure having Gold status next year matters that much if I don’t have any set plans to stay at SPG properties. If it included free upgrades and breakfast then it would make sense? What is your opinion?

  2. I don’t think Gold is worth much at SPG. My last stay at Westin Maui, they gave me an “upgrade” to a room facing the parking lot. I asked if they had anything better, they said sure, if I’m willing for fork out another $90/night.

  3. I agree with Kevin—it’s pretty much worthless. My “upgrade” in Maui (Sheraton) was from the total loser view of the cliff (from 3 feet away) to view of the golf course. Big deal.

  4. If u look at the double nights stay promotion for t
    SPG, stays count as double as well. Fast and cheap way to Platinum

  5. @ Bonesaz — Definitely not worth going for if you’d be mattress running. If you’re making stays anyway it might be worth switching the type of property you’re staying at, but that’s about it. Gold just gets you three points per dollar, late check-out, and sometimes (rarely?) a small upgrade.

    For those of you not eligible, do you currently have status with Starwood?

  6. Cristian, right now I have 0 nights at SPG properties for the year and only 1 planned, so platinum is a bit out of reach to do mattress runs for me this year, maybe if each night counted as 4 stays that would be a promo, but not going to happen.

    Lucky – thanks, I was able to register for the promo so I assume I am eligible, but I didn’t receive an email offer, so who knows. I’ll remain a preferred guest, and get nothing 🙂

  7. +1 with Ken and chontz, not eligible either. Chatted with customer service and they mentioned it was targeted to specific SPG members. The rep claimed that I’ll be Gold anyway in 2011 though based on my charges to my SPG AMEX card, so that’s apparently another way to get Gold status independent of actual hotel stays.

  8. ? What kind of promo is this? A few years ago SPG was giving away Gold status to everyone who is AA PLT – no stays required. This year HHonors granted HHonors Gold to many people who are AA EXP without even checking their age – my son who is 13 got one as well. 4 stays at SPG sound like a lot for not much of the benefits.

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