Marriott Gold and Platinum members to get free internet worldwide

It’s about time. Starting in January of next year, Marriott will offer all Gold and Platinum members free internet. Since May 7, Gold and Platinum members have received free internet in the US, though even there, Marriott was late to the game.

I’m always amazed by how happy most Marriott elite members are, despite the program having the highest elite tier qualifications, fewest elite benefits, and a limited number of promotions. I guess more power to them if they can maintain a loyal customer base without throwing ’em too many bones!

(Tip of the hat to Loyalty Traveler)


  1. Yes we are a happy bunch. Actually having a tough highest elite tier qualification is good for the numbers. And it has gotten easier: 15 free nights with CC and 1 night for each $3000 spend. As for fewest elite benefits, only 1 I wish they had was suite upgrades and with some sort of comfirmable instrument for those vacations. They have the megabonus every quarter and plats get 50% bonus. So i get 20 pts for every $ once you throw on CC spend.

    Plus they are every where and I don’t have to worry about a hotel in whichever little small town US I am in next week.

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