Details about Hyatt’s new Visa credit card from Chase

A sneaky FlyerTalker in this thread seems to have found the link to the new Hyatt Visa credit card from Chase, which comes with a $75 annual fee. They’re offering two free nights at any Hyatt hotel as a sign up bonus. That’s not bad at all, it can be worth up to 44,000 points, but at the same time it’s not all that exciting. The nights have to be used within a year, and there don’t seem to be any free nights upon renewal every year.

Other than that, having the card gets you Platinum status, though that’s readily available quite frequently through promotions. As far as the actual benefits for spending on the card go, you earn one Hyatt point per dollar spent on all purchases, and three Hyatt points per dollar spent on Hyatt hotels. The only other plus is that there are no foreign transaction fees.

Overall it’s not a bad card, but at the same time hardly a great card. It’s probably worth getting for the sign-up bonus of two free nights, though there aren’t any compelling benefits for renewal.

A few months back Hyatt sent out a survey to many Gold Passport members asking for benefit suggestions, which seemed to raise the expectations of  the card. I was certainly hoping they would offer some sort of special benefits to Diamond members with the card. After all, free Platinum status isn’t worth anything to someone that’s a Diamond, and at the end of the day you have the most potential to get a loyal following from already loyal customers.

So it would have been nice if they offered something, be it the ability to use suite upgrades on points stays, or something else minor.

I’ll likely sign up for it eventually, but I’d have a very hard time justifying the renewal of the card. While Hyatt and Priority Club are my two primary hotel chains, I use the Starwood American Express almost exclusively.


  1. 2 free nights at a Hyatt (any property?) is worth $75. Where do I sign up? Hopefully other Chase sign up promos won’t hold me up!

  2. Count me in as another Diamond who is quite disappointed with this offering from Hyatt. Hope that doesn’t also mean no BWB this season…

  3. I am not too impressed and will pass on this.

    One point per dollar spend? YAWN. The SPG AMEX is much better as one spg point is worth more than a hyatt point. I would say that this card is probably better than the Hilton or Marriott cards though.

  4. As someone with no current Hyatt status (I know it’s embarrassing) this card seems like a pretty good deal. I really don’t care about earning Hyatt points but the Plat status, 2 free nights and no foreign currency fees make it good enough for me to sign up.

  5. Also TOTALLY unimpressed with this card. It’s not worth the damage it will do to my credit report!

    For hotels (and rental cars) I use my Continental Presidential Plus Mastercard. That card also offers Hyatt Platinum (but i’m diamond anyway) as well as Avis Presidents [something] status which means 2-class upgrades and guaranteed availability. I’d rather have 2 CO miles per dollar thsan 3 Hyatt points per dollar. I also get 25% RDM on all CO flights purchased with the card (NICE!) and it offers “elite access” and a free checked bag if you don’t have status with CO. You also get double miles at the onepass mall when you make your purchase using the card.

    another note- in April I accidently used my UA Visa on the CO Onepass mall to buy an expensive ($500) microwave. I was so mad that I forgot to use the CO card to get double miles. 8 weeks later I saw to my suprise that I STILL earned the double miles using the UA Visa at the CO online mall! I guess Chase has jumped the gun on some of the merger stuff already.

    Buying a UA ticket with the CO card did not earn 2 miles/dollar though. Buying CO ticket with the UA card did earn me 2 miles/dollar. Generally I buy the ticket with the card from the carrier who’s selling the ticket.

  6. I’m not even going to check to see what the FX rate is on this card. If there’s no exchange fee then the underlying rate is no doubt worse than an average rate that comes with an exchange fee. Anyone care to pay $1.6 to buy a Euro just because there’s no transaction fee? Meh.

  7. The best thing about this card is the no FX fee. I have been traveling around the world for about 6 month and the FX rate has consistently been better than all my other cards. I also carry a Starwood Amex (4% higher), a Visa Debit Card from my bank (2-3% higher), and a United Airlines Mileage Plus card (3-4% higher). I was able to use my free nights at the Hyatt Regency in Paris saving me over $800. Otherwise I would have never had the chance to stay in a hotel like that. I am not sure if I will keep the card after a year, but it has definitely been worth it it you are traveling abroad!

  8. I was planning a trip to Aruba and saw this offer. Ended up with 2 free nites at the Hyatt on the beach (know it very well) worth over $1000 (hotel is overpriced to begin with but I am getting them free!!)

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