SPG 30,000 point sign-up bonus extended through July 31

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the amazing sign-up offer for the Starwood American Express credit card, whereby they offered 30,000 points just for spending $1,000 within three months. The offer was only valid for about a week at the time.

Well, I’m guessing it was pretty popular, because they just extended the offer through July 31. You can find the personal card offer here and the business card offer here.

(Tip of the hat to Eli)


  1. Stevie G –
    Frugal Travel Guy reports that it is good for former card members, so if you fall into that category you’re good to go.

    Adam –
    The same link indicates that you can get bonuses for both cards.

  2. I applied for this the day after the original offer expired. After accepting the application and saying “you’ve been approved”, it said the offer had expired! I got the card the next day but I wonder if I’ve fallen into the black hole between “end of offer” and “offer extended”…

  3. Guys,

    I might have just been mistaken, but these cards are worth 40,000 bonus pts apiece. 10k for first use, and 30k for $1000 inside of 3 months.

    accidentally found that out from the CSR when i called it to confirm the promo on my biz card, he assured em I’ve got 40k coming in 4-6 weeks. Hung up and called on the personal card, same story. 82k starwood on it’s way for 2 applications and $2000 spend, not bad.

  4. @gba, If I recall correctly, they’ll ask for your 13- number on the form. This proves that you’re a business.

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