An incredible flight on Asiana

Most reviews I’ve read suggest that Asiana is a second rate airline, at least compared to Singapore and ANA, but I disagree. I thought they were phenomenal. They were at least on par with ANA, probably even a bit better. The service, food, and seat was all top notch. Stay tuned for the trip report.


  1. I disagree. Asiana is a shitty airline – just look at the last picture! Lemonade with a big piece of shit on top!

  2. You’ve never heard ME say they’re a second-rate airline.

    Their business class is fine for regional flights, because service and food are outstanding. I could do without the angled-flat seat.

    Their first class — they don’t offer it on very many routes — is very good. I find the seat not to be the best, mostly because it’s a bit narrow at the feet above the ootoman, and I find a bit of a kink at neck level rather than being *truly* flat.

    Their food is excellent. So are their amenities. I love the deplaning gift, even if it’s not always something useful.

    I do find their service to be quite good, but sometimes a bit awkward. I realize they’re a Korean airline and I do not speak Korean. On flights to and from the US I do expect greater English proficiency than I’ve experienced with them.

    I also find it frustrating that they’re pretty difficult with advance seat assignments. They only have 2 seats in the F cabin that are a ‘pair’ and they’ve often refused to pre-assign them (for other folks, I’ve always been lucky myself) holding them back in case some VIPs want them. I understand it, but at the same time it’s frustrating.

  3. The LAX-ICN route is readily available in F for 2 people, and very impressive to most people, especially those who have never been in int. F. Too bad the lounge at LAX isn’t great. My parents loved it.

  4. Lucky,

    Another friend of mine said F in OZ was spectacular, and this confirms it. Looking forward to more detail.

  5. Flew in 2A from ICN-ORD last year, amazing flight. Was the only pax in F, except for the reserve pilot sitting in 1K. Is that the reserve pilot too? Stewardess actually tried to put a blanket over me just before I dozed off, never seen that in SQ OR NH!

  6. to Miss Swan, I am so tire of these third rated self -critic reviewing airlines when you have no idea about the airlines. It is not nice to call this airline “Shitty”. That lemonade you called is actually Tiramisu. You probably never even heard of this airline and never experienced their service to make that kind of NASTY judgement. I have flown ASIANA many times before en route to Hong Kong for business in economy, business, and first and their service in all three classes are impeccable. Their economy service is on par with most domestic U.S.airlines business class. In my opinion, they are better than SQ and CX. ANA is not even a competition. This is truly amazing airline.

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