Continental adding elite upgrades on award tickets

Starting early next year, Continental will be extending elite upgrades to award tickets for those with the Continental Chase Presidential Plus or OnePass Plus Mastercard. The rules for upgrades will be the same as they currently are for elites, and upgrades will clear within the respective windows of the status levels. The only difference is that within each level award upgrades will be prioritized after all revenue upgrades. It is also only for travel by the primary cardmember, though companion upgrades still seem to apply for Gold and Platinum members.


  1. If all goes as planned, “next year” will see CO+UA. It will be interesting to see which of the co-branded credit cards survive, and which benefits. I currently have the UA Visa Signature and CO WorldCard. That, along with my UA1KMM and CO Infinite Platinum and Lifetime CO Pres Club, will make for an interesting merge.

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