Chance to buy up to 50,000 Starwood points at 1.45 cents each

This coming Monday, May 3, Starwood will be taking part in the first ever industry-wide travel promotion to support the U.S. Travel Association. What does that mean for us? Well, on Monday, May 3 at 10AM, they’ll be offering the opportunity to buy 10,000 Starpoints for $145, with a limit of five sets per person. So that means you could potentially buy 50,000 Starpoints for $725. Given that you can convert those 50,000 points into at least 60,000 miles, that’s just a bit over a cent per mile for transfers into a variety of programs. Not too shabby at all!

The catch, however, is that quantities are very limited. Only 470 are available. Still worth trying if you have the cash, though.


  1. Thanks Lucky for posting this offer. I certainly had not seen it before.
    This is a great deal for cheap Starpoints in my opinion. I’ll be looking to buy some points.

    There is also a good deal for an $80 Radisson Hotel in the USA on Friday, May 7.

  2. You can also get 7,000 starpoints for $100, which is technically the better deal, but the catch there is you can only get 35,000 starpoints max.

  3. You’re not actually limited to 50k points, though — remember that Starwood offers family accounts. So Mr. X buys 50k, Mrs. X buys 50k and transfers them to Mr. X… points can be transferred between accounts at the same residential mailing address…

  4. I get the feeling that most of us are not going to end up getting these. I bet there are at least 100 FTers that want to buy 5 each (if not more) and will be waiting at 10 AM EST.

  5. @Hamurabi, if you have Paypal, I’m sure domestic members can work out some type of deal that’s mutually beneficial. Cough.

  6. @Hamurabi2008- Where did you see that an AMEX was required? Just went through the T&C and didn’t see anything except SPG membership required.

  7. @Bianca B – they don’t, it’s just marketing copy pointing out that one of the things you can do with 10,000 points is redeem for a cat 4 night

  8. Anyone confirm the requirement to charge to AMEX?

    Is this going to be like a ticketmaster madhouse?


  9. I got in at exactly 10am est and had 5 of the 7,000 pt packages in my cart…but when I got to checkout, it wouldnt accept any of my credit cards (2 amex, 1 mastercard) because it kept on saying the 15 digit number was formatted wrong! i kept on double checking and re-entering the number…but no dice, and my time ran out. When I went to readd it to my cart they were all taken already. 🙁

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