Starwood’s second quarter promotion — one free night after three stays

After much anticipation, Starwood has unveiled the details of their second quarter promotion, and I think most people agree it’s not all that exciting. Starwood is offering those that register one free weekend night after every three stays between May 1 and July 31. The free nights can redeemed at category 1-6 hotels on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights through December 19. The FAQs for the promotion can be found here. Registration will open on May 1.

So overall this is a pretty disappointing promotion, in my opinion. Hyatt is offering one free night after every two stays through their “Big Welcome Back” promotion, and those free nights can be redeemed any day of the week, and not just weekends. On the other hand, Hyatt’s free nights can only be redeemed through August 31, while Starwood’s free nights can be redeemed through December 19.

For what it’s worth, Hyatt’s promotion has made me a very, very loyal customer. I’m embarking on my seventh “mattress run” tonight, where I’ll be staying at a local hotel for no other reason than to accrue points. Starwood’s promotion certainly won’t result in any mattress running on my end.

What makes this promotion somewhat lame is that last year they offered the same promotion, except one free night was earned after every two nights. Offering a worse promotion while Hyatt continues to offer the same great promotion just isn’t tempting. I have a feeling that all those people that switched stays from Starwood to Hyatt thanks to Hyatt’s “Big Welcome Back” won’t feel compelled to switch those stays back as a result of this promotion. It’s a nice bonus, but hardly great.


  1. Cannot disagree. What it will make me do, however, is hop between Hyatts and Starwoods each night on the longer trips…

  2. > Hyatt’s promotion has made me a very, very loyal customer.

    Didn’t you mean “loyal”… along the lines of “enhancements”? After all, it’s not exactly your selective loyalty that Hyatt is after. 😉

  3. @ Oliver — No, I mean loyal without the quotes. I’m no doubt one of the most loyal customers of the companies I choose to do business with. There’s a big difference between being a profitable customer and a loyal customer, but I’m most definitely the latter. And besides my loyalty, I’d say I drive a fair bit of business towards the companies/hotels/airlines that I like.

  4. I’m not sure…. For people like me, I stay roughly 60 nights a year, so I can usually just eek out top tier with two companies. I’m already 20 nights in with Starwood, so for someone that has to stay five more nights anyway its a good deal (compared to no deal).

  5. Now that I’ve thought about it and went back to check, this promotion matches Hilton’s current promotion (Stay 4 and get one free night). Maybe this is the new standard?

    For me, I don’t really want nor need the free nights. When I stay somewhere I want to pay so I can get the stay, so I’d much rather have more points or Amazon certificates or something I can use……

  6. Just wanted to point out that last year’s promotion was one free weekend night every 2 stays, not 2 nights — but your point stands.

  7. It’s better than no deal at all. In tough economic times you would expect to find great deals. I still think it’s worth it if you are a frequent traveler.

  8. Just checked-out of a nearby Hyatt Place… Although, I have some inkling that the reservation is all screwy and I’ll have to make a call to Gold Passport to get my free night from the promotion.

    Cause: Booked the hotel room originally for last weekend. Called the property to change my dates to this weekend. Dates were changed. Tried checking in at the kiosk this weekend and the computer could not find my reservation. At the front desk, they said my reservation was for last weekend and marked as a no-show. Luckily, I remembered who I spoke to at the hotel and the front desk fixed it.

    Result: (Apparently) Charged one night from last weekend as a no-show. Charged for this weekend’s stay (Friday night and Saturday night). Received a credit to the folio (as I already had paid for one-night because of being marked as a no-show).

  9. agree agree agree….

    I am a frequent traveler, and am sad that Hyatt’s promotion is now over…but I am in a Hyatt Summerfield Suites right now. Tomorrow, I will however be at a Westin. I am still switching between Hyatt’s and Starwood Properties until the end of the month (racking up those free weekend nights).
    I have my vacation already booked to use up my Hyatt Nights…I earned 11 free nights (redeeming them in Kauai) and using points for the other 3 nights for a total of 14 free nights in Kauai. When I called to redeem 3 nights (Friday, Sat, and Sun) at a Starwood Property they had no openings on either end of my trip…VERY DISAPPOINTED with their availability. You limit it to “just the weekend” and you have no rooms available?
    I’ll be back at my normal Hyatt Staying ways after July 31st…in fact I’ve already booked my first (paid) trip staying solely at a Hyatt…Aug 1-6th…It will be nice not checking out every night!!!!

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