Earn Marriott Gold or Platinum status through their Visa credit card

Following Hilton’s lead, Marriott is now making it possible to earn top tier elite status exclusively through credit card spend. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it’s not nearly as lucrative as Hilton’s offer, whereby $40,000 of spend on their American Express Surpass card will get you Diamond status. Instead, Marriott is offering one elite qualifying night for ever $3,000 spent on their credit card. You already get Silver status and ten qualifying nights just for having the card, so you’d need to spend $120,000 for Gold status (which requires 50 nights) or $195,000 for Platinum status (which requires 75 nights), taking into account the 10 night “head start” you get.

Unless you spend millions of dollars a year on credit cards, this probably isn’t worth it just for the status. Marriott has the highest qualification tiers of any program and I would argue the fewest benefits (although it’s a tight race between them and Hilton). But if you otherwise stay at Marriott hotels and consistently find yourself just below the next tier, this is very tempting.

Loyalty Traveler has the full breakdown here.


  1. Exactly, top tier with Marriott still doesn’t get free internet but most of their properties has good club lounge but nothing like IC.


  2. Any chance that starwoods will match this and offer platinum status with credit card spend? that will be a dream come true.

  3. @sean,

    At these ridiculous levels, how would it be a “dream come true” to have to spend a ridiculous $195k for plat?? Sounds crazy.

  4. @ Scott,

    I usually spend over 250K a year on my starwoods card and only stay in starwood hotels when on vacation for two weeks a year. Therefore, if i can earn Starwoods platinum status with spend on my starwoods card, it will make my vacations that much more enjoyable with the automatic upgrades, etc.

  5. Actually, I am pretty sure Starwood already does that. We are SPG platinum members and we almost never stay there, just use our SPG AMEX a lot (too much).

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