I caved — now using MySkyStatus!

Lufthansa has had a neat tool for a while now, called MySkyStatus. Basically you enter the flights you’ll be taking on their website and they’ll automatically send updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts about your arrival time, departure time, etc. Till now I’ve been too lazy to actually enter my flights, but I just went through and entered all my planned January travel. I’m not great at staying active on my Twitter account, but I’ll do my best to improve next year. At the very least you’ll know which flights I’m on (for the handful two of you that are interested), and I’ll even do my best to upload good pictures of TSA agents or red carpet lice every once in a while. šŸ˜‰

On second thought it probably wasn’t the best idea to send these updates to Facebook as well. Most of my “friends” there don’t know about my little hobby, and it’ll probably be more work than anything else to explain to them how or why I’m doing eight flights basically every weekend. Oops!


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