No orange juice for you!

As much as I consider myself to be a “consumerist,” I’ve just gotta wonder sometimes. Like this Consumerist story about “Helen,” an American Airlines flight safety professional flight attendant who apparently flipped out. I won’t even try to summarize because this is so beyond ridiculous that I couldn’t do the story justice.

First of all it’s worth keeping in mind that this is one side of the story. At the same time I don’t doubt for a second that this flight attendant was a complete witch. But there had to be more to this story than a passenger nicely asking for orange juice and the flight attendant exploding.

What’s most shocking about the story to me has nothing to do with the story itself, but instead the Consumerist. It’s amazing how many people leave comments about never flying American in the future because of this story. EVERY airline has some really, really, really bad apples. I certainly wouldn’t judge a company with 50,000+ employees based on a one-sided report I read of a bad experience, although at the same time it shows the power of the internet nowadays and why companies need to be more consistent. Although in fairness it’s probably more talk than anything else….

I’d be curious to hear “Helen’s” side of the story. Either way, sounds like she should be working in a position where she doesn’t have to interact with humans.


  1. my thoughts exactly, there has to be another side to this, the only thing i could think of is maybe Helen was just doing the meals, and the cart with the drinks were being handled by someone else, but i don’t think that’s the case with first class.

    It really seems these days an airline’s public opinion all depends on how big of a fuzz the latest customer they pissed off can stir up on the Internet. That’s exactly why i was quite pissed off at the guy from “united breaks guitars”

  2. Also, the majority of these people commenting WILL fly American (given the right combination of destination and price). It’s so easy to affirm support online in the moment with a comment – but people are fickle, and too much credence and credibility is given to comments.

  3. Isn’t this exactly how all the stories on that site go?
    I mean, it seems like every one consists of some one-sided story or ridiculously minor complaint…

  4. The story just doesn’t sound right to me, and I think it’s premature to make job recommendations to the FA.

    So this guy, sitting behind Mr. OJ, gets woken up by the commotion even though he’s wearing headsets and listening (while sleeping) to music. But then he says the gentleman sitting in the row in front of OJ man didn’t hear a thing, and couldn’t because of the noise in the cabin. Does that make sense? Looking at AA’s schedule, they seem to run MD-80s from SMF to DFW. Aren’t those well-liked by F flyers for their quiet first class cabin, thanks to the engines at the tail of the aircraft?

    Oh, and you gotta love that accounting exercise at the end showing how much revenue our trusted reporter brings to AA….

  5. I’m sure there is another side of the story too, but even if Helen was “justified” in her actions, she shouldn’t be flying with an AA uniform on. For Helen’s sake, I hope the author of the story took many artistic liberties in his account of the story…

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