Thanks for Thanksgiving Giveaway (brought to you by SpringHill Suites)!

Marriott has given me a $300 gift card to give to a reader in conjunction with the relaunch of SpringHill Suites properties and their Video Memory Challenge. Given that it’s the holidays, it seems like there’s no better time for this.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the SpringHill Suites Video Memory Challenge website, watch the short video, and then take the 90 second quiz to see how much you recall
  2. Post something regarding the Video Memory Challenge in the comments section below and be sure to include your valid email address (which only I can see) so that I can contact you if you win. You can post something you liked, something that surprised you, something that made you laugh, the score you received (copied and pasted off the results page), etc.

Basic guidelines:

  • Using a random number generator I’ll choose one of the comments as the winner
  • You can post as often as you’d like, including posting the score you received in the Video Memory Challenge (although if you do that I expect you to take the quiz each time you enter and post your score… yeah, honor system)
  • Only comments posted before midnight EST on Sunday, November 29 will be considered
  • The winner will be notified via email on Monday, November 30 and the winner’s name (as displayed on the blog) will be posted
  • The winner can expect to receive the gift card the week of December 21, 2009
  • This is a giveaway, so let’s approach this with holiday spirit. I plan on giving this card away fairly, so please let’s not get technical about rules, comments, etc. Just have fun.

Many thanks to Marriott for this generous offer! I’ve gotta say I’m pretty impressed by the new SpringHill Suites properties, if that’s how they’ll actually all look.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving and many thanks to all those that continue to read the blog. Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with bumps, upgrades (air and hotel), and time with family and friends!


  1. 0% twice. 🙁 (my computer is freezing)

    My fave moment is the kid at the pool! Love how the camera zooms in. Made me LOL… twice.

  2. 90%. Do all the rooms come with a dancing girl? If so, I may just switch my loyalty back to Marriott!! Seriously, though, that was a nice, modern, sleek room. Very nice, although I can’t imagine all springhill suites are like that.

  3. Darn, 80% too. What’s up with the random girl dancing in the room? Maybe they have a really good mini-bar…

  4. PS – Had a hotel management company seatmate Wednesday and he described to a ‘T’ everything I saw in the video.

    And two thumbs up to Marriott for their kind donation!

  5. I got 80%. I think Springhill is limited their target market – how many beautiful young models are out there in the world to stay at all suite hotels? 🙂

  6. Woman dancing seemed a little creepy.
    Their Web site scored me at 0% — must not have been compatible with my Opera Web browser….

  7. Retook and got a 90% – it looks clean and airy….though with a pool that small and little kids running around, you have to wonder how clean it is 😉

  8. OK….one last time…100%….I see the Michigan education paid off! I didnt know they had a mini-bar and a waiter bringing drinks!

  9. I got a 90%! I was disracted by the women smiling at me as she got in the pool, or else it would have been 100. I’m trying that thing again.

  10. 80% for me … love the scuba mask. Got to get one of those. Gym, small? There was a gym? I guess I tuned out after the odd dncing girl. Does she come with every room?

  11. could certainly use a $300 SpringHill Suites certificate as a raffle prize to help build a school in Cambodia.

    I briefly mentioned this video game promotion on my blog Nov 16 when I got 80%. I should have probably included a picture of the Napa SpringHill Suites.

    In August I was at the newly built SpringHill Suites in Napa, California. Very nice looking property with a large lobby, bar, outdoor fountain and BBQ and pool area.

  12. 100%! That was kind of fun. They just opened a SHS right near me in Fairfax, Virginia. It seems like a good spot for out-of-town guests.

  13. OK, 70%.

    Strangely, I’m staying at SpringHill Ashburn in just over a week. I was at the SpringHill near Dulles in October; it was not particularly memorable. Let’s see if this one is even half as nice as the one in the video.

  14. I was shocked that I got a score of 90% with a squirmy baby on my lap. I like this promotion. Watching the video made me want to take a vacation right now!

  15. Did so bad I won’t post my score (obviously old age has set in). Never stayed at a SpringHill Suites, but certainly ready to give them a try. Have a late night flight into MCO in Feb. Sound like a good time to make a visit.

  16. 80% correct. Apparently everyone who hangs out at the Springhill suits is ridiculously good looking and moves in slow motion. 🙂

  17. Argh, can’t seem to get above 80%. Is this really that big a deal to me that I may copy/paste the list? Hmm…. 🙂

  18. 70% ouch! Reminds me of how eye-witnesses can be more unreliable than we think! 😀 I can’t believe I missed the five pillows- I was sure it was a trick question! Oddly fun to do- good for the old in need of a vacation brain! 😀

  19. 80%. I don’t know what’s funnier: the dancing girl, or the fact that she’s one of the memory recall options on the list. lol. Pretty cool video though!

  20. Got up to 80% on my second try. Decided to not press my “luck” any further.

    Just wish I could be “lucky” enough to come back to my room and find an attractive young lady dancing for ME. (But why did the guy just walk on by her???

  21. Average Score: 75% correct – You are in the 60th percentile.

    Lol-I agree with Melody. If the clientele I saw at a hotel were that hot, I’d be a regular!

  22. Average Score: 75% correct – You are in the 83rd percentile.

    90% correct is only the 83rd percentile? I was robbed!

  23. LMAO, you folks are too funny. Common themes, it seems.

    @ magiciansampras — I’ll be staying home for Thanksgiving and am actually kind of happy about it. Speaking of travel, I have a bit of a dilemma. It’s time for a blog post, I think.

    And c’mon guys, you’re being far too classy with the posts. You can post more! 😉

  24. 70% … I just wanted to see if they still had waffle irons. It’s always been the clincher in choosing SpringHill over Hampton Inn.

  25. Average Score: 75% correct – You are in the 32nd percentile.

    I might have done better but I kept thinking When is the last time I got a room with a dancing woman??

  26. 80% on 1st shot-i hope going 4 100% doesn’t become as addictive as scrounging 4 pts/miles. The kid @ the pool looks as if he wants 2 know if he’s getting paid 4 this as he stands there looking as if he’s n a differnt world (hey, I’m just playing my part n this video-now where’s my $300 gift card b/c playing Gary Coleman isn’t easy).

    @ Ann-of course the dancing woman is a bit 2 much 4 u b/c there’s no dancing man instead (LOL)!

    The girl from the pool/the girl w/ the curly hair receiving the drink from the AA FA (he was wearing an AA tie-right) would have been a better fit as the “dancing woman.” By the way, does the dancing woman come w/ the gift card. I think I “memorized” that n the 2 min. T&C’s.

  27. “You can post as often as you’d like, including posting the score you received in the Video Memory Challenge (although if you do that I expect you to take the quiz each time you enter and post your score… yeah, honor system)”

    We laugh all the time about poorly phrased terms & conditions. Do you really want to set up a giveaway where you’ll randomly select a comment, and also where you encourage people to post as many comments as they would like?

    (Simple procedure to work around comment stuffing if you wish to revise your terms & conditions halfway thru the promotion…. You use a random number generator and look at that comment. Only if that comment is the first comment from somebody does that win. Otherwise [i.e., if the comment was a second or later comment from that person], you pick another random number. Repeat until you pick a comment which is that author’s first comment.)

  28. Oh, and I did stay at a SpringHill Suites once, a little over a year ago. In Lawton, Oklahoma of all places. I had quite forgotten about it, but the video immediately reminded me of the place — the decor in the lobby looks very similar. Good work on the branding, Marriott.

  29. Everything getting so interactive, so now I am twitting and FB-ing of my 80% in a giveaway as it happens? Hmmm…

    OK, just gimme the stuff and I’ll as much as write a 250-word report for ya! 😉

  30. I agree with pshuang above about comment stuffing. Nevertheless, since you made your terms clear in your post, in commemoration of the holiday, here’s to stuffing!

  31. Your blog has been kinda boring lately, so it freed up some of my valuable time to watch the vid. I was at 80%. And I agree with Pat – where is the room with the dancing man.

  32. I just got done staying at a Springhill Suites and I was not that impressed:

    The bed was hard as a rock with uncomfortable pillows.
    The window in the bedroom would not stay shut and they did nothing to fix it.
    There was no dancing girl in my room.
    There were no hot models in the pool or having drinks in the lobby.

    I did like their continental breakfast which had a decent spread.

  33. Average Score: 75% correct – You are in the 83rd percentile.
    Again, 90%. A shame, considering I had a SLOW connection.

    I hate the main guy’s hair. Too high.

  34. 0% … my browser didn’t work. But I absolutely love the new Springhill Suites! I’ve stayed at them numerous times, and they’re very chic. Just like the video shows. Plus, the beds ar the MOST comfortable hotel beds I’ve slept in. Ever.

  35. One more time for fun and I went back to 80%…..not sure this will make me want to stay at a SHS but they look much better than I expected…

  36. Scored 70%. Did much better than I thought! I passed!

    Just thought it was weird that there was an Asian woman who was dancing then a man just comes into her room. He acts nonchalant and acts as if he doesn’t know the woman dancing! The kid with the scuba mask was just weird and creepy!

  37. 90 percent again.

    @Joel thanks for the wine tip I’ll keep an eye out for that.

    Still no man dancing in the room; I keep hoping though!

  38. I got a 60%…on multiple tries. Hmm, the hotel in this video reminds me of a moroccan restaurant…or the bmi number 1 lounge in LHR. Still, the hotel looks very nice.

  39. Came back to check on what’s the expected value from participating in this. Another ambiguity — “midnight” is vague. If midnight Sunday November 29 refers to November 29 00:00:00 (which is less ambiguous) or even clearer, November 29 00:00:01, then the contest is over, and the expected value of participating is just slightly over $3.00. Not bad. 🙂

  40. @ Stevie G.

    “The winner will be notified via email on Monday, November 30 and the winner’s name (as displayed on the blog) will be posted”

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