1. I hear ya, Ben, but at least some of the paying public is going to like it.

    Examples A & B: my folks (in their 70s) and my kids (under 10) love to talk about which animal was on the tail of their plane when they fly Frontier.

  2. so if the animals are suggestive of where Frontier flies (ie, all around North America, particularly up north), what’s the deal with the penguins? I’m pretty sure they don’t fly to Antarctica… =D

  3. I have never stepped foot on a Frontier plane, nor do I intend to as a 1P (soon to be 1K ) with UA, but I do love their commercials. I guess I’m in the minority.

  4. What’s your favorite? Some sappy, fake ad with little plane drawings with Rhapsody playing and all sorts of lies about how great it is to fly UA? Clearly you don’t live in Denver nor are you aware of the huge following the animal ads have garnered F9 over the decade. To each their own – but your shallow statement is pretty weak.

  5. Guys, guys, guys. First of all, notice the smilie. There’s nothing shallow about six words of commentary with a smilie at the end. šŸ˜‰

    Anyway, don’t get me wrong, the ad is sorta cute. The bear at the beginning cracks me up. At the same time, the ad would work just as well for a candy company, a stuffed animal company, or a retirement home. I just don’t see this selling any seats, despite Frontier’s “animal” theme. It’s cute, though.

  6. Actually it DID make me want to fly them…..I’m a sucker for fun, and really not at ease with “tight-assed” type that generally fill the seats of the stuffier “legacy carriers”. Seems that this commercial absolutely invites those who live by these words:

    “It’s not that serious folks”.

    If you understand the above statement, then you know what I mean! šŸ˜‰

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