Upgrd 37: First Class Mail Bag

Join us for episode 37 of the Upgrd Podcast, as we discuss a bunch of random stuff. I apologize for not being there, because, as usual, Hunter makes a bunch of ridiculous statements. My favorite was easily that we should pay for a ticket for him to fly United in business class so he can try it out. Sheesh, I wish it worked that way. Hell, if anyone wants to pay for my ticket on any airline in a premium cabin, shoot me an email, and I’ll gladly give the airline a try. ­čśë

Cause I have nothing better to spend my money on than trying to convince an irrational person with a negative preconceived notion of an airline that they should give United a go….


  1. I finally cranked out listening to a bunch of these podcasts while doing a Sydney run. I’m finally at #35 and looking forward to #37. How about a segment discussing what to do in various cities with limited time? For instance — in LA would one take the subway to Olvera Street or go to Phillipes for a Roast Beef Dip (www.philippes.com)? What about Philadelphia — take the train into town to see the Liberty Bell. At Dulles does one suggest taking the shuttle bus over to the Smithsonian Museum for a couple of hours. It might make more sense to note one city per episode rather than spend an entire podcast on it. Oh —- and if you’re buying, I’m in too. Rich

  2. @Ben – If the business class ticket someone buys for you is on Air Koryo do you still want it? I don’t think there is an Intercontinental in PyongYang.

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