Credit card sign-up day and getting ready for the weekend!

Ah, it’s a lovely day over here filled with lots and lots of miles. I started my morning (or I should say afternoon, I’m a college student) signing up for a Citi AAdvantage Mastercard and a Citi AAdvantage American Express card. Hello 60,000 miles! Now I think it’s finally time to sign up for the United Platinum Mileage Plus Visa for the 30,000 mile sign-up bonus, given that the fee is waived for 1K’s. Of course I’ll do whatever I can not to spend a dime on that card beyond what I have to as my little way of telling Starnet blocking to go to hell. A huge thanks to Rick, the Frugal Travel Guy, and Gary at View from the Wing for their awesomeness when it comes to credit cards (and all other matters in life).

I’m also working on finishing up my presentation for Saturday in Ann Arbor. I’ll judge my success there by how many people are awake by 5:30PM on Saturday. šŸ˜‰

Add that to school work, and it’s a busy day, so my apologies for the lack of posts.


  1. I suggest you NOT sign up for the United Visa Signature Platinum Class.

    1) My recollection is that 1Ks who have had the card are grandfathered with the full fee waiver, but new applicants get only the $60 credit (some have had success pushing, but it’s not automatic)

    2) You don’t need the bonus EQMs. Save the card — and the EQM signup bonus — for a year when those will help you

    3) Go for the Visa Signature if you haven’t had it, the Visa Signature Business, and the Visa Signature Gold Class… all come with fee waivers the first year anyway, 1K or not, generous signup bonuses…. why go for the more expensive card you don’t need, waste the bonus eqm’s, and have to deal with fighting for the full fee waiver?

  2. July is Michigan Craft Beer Month, with many “festivities” being held in Ann Arbor (mainly at places like the Arbor Brewing Company and Grizzly Peak, I believe).

    And an fyi, you can easily get the first year fee waived, but, as Gary says, it’s no longer waived for 1Ks going forward.

  3. Though if it were me I’d focus on earning something other than UA miles, you pick up those from your flying.

    Maybe some Amex points? US miles?

  4. @ Gary — I plan on using the SPG Amex as my primary card for spending, but wouldn’t it make sense to have a UA MP Visa given that it has no annual fee, not for the churning but to actually keep? FWIW I don’t have another Visa card, so for certain promos that require Visa cards it seems to make sense, no?

  5. Lucky, United Platinum Visa accounts opened before September 1, 2006 are eligible for a full $140 fee waiver only for 1Ks, but Chase changed their policy for 1Ks whose accounts were opened after September 1, 2006, and they only receive a $60 waiver of the $140 annual fee. Also, Chase does not allow you to churn the United Platinum Visa again and again, so the 30K bonus miles and 5K EQMs are a onetime deal for opening the account. However, you could open a MP Signature Visa, and then open a United Platinum Visa at a later date, and you should receive the signup bonus for each card as they are separate and distinct, as seems to be the case from Flyertalk reports. The benefits of the United Platinum Visas are 1 EQM for every $1 spent at with an annual maximum of 5000 EQMs for purchases, and this does cover tickets issued by web support. If you spend 35K in a calendar year, you will receive 5000 EQMs as well. PM me if you have any questions.

  6. Sure, keep a UA Visa at no fee. Honestly, I do as well. I don’t put any spend on it really, except earlier in the year I received a promo “spend $45k on the card by X date and recevie 30k bonus miles” so I opened a Citi checking account and charged $50k to the card and paid it right off.

    But to the extent you’re figuring out whose card to sign up for among a limited set bast on best bonus, then I wouldn’t zero in on United. That is all…

  7. I would think that most people at the DO would be awake by 5:30 PM regardless of their home time zone. šŸ˜‰

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