Need an SPG Amex?

UPDATE: This promotion is over and the sign-up bonus has changed. You can find the best current offers here.

I’ve written several times about how the SPG Amex is the best credit card out there. SPG points are incredibly valuable, both for hotel and airline redemptions. On the hotel front, SPG points are a particularly good value with “Cash and Points,” where you can book a stay at a nice hotel for a few thousand points and somewhere around $50. On the airline side, you can transfer SPG points to a number of airlines at a 1:1 ratio, and when transferring 20,000 points you get a 5,000 mile bonus, so you’re essentially earning 1.25 miles per dollar.

For those of you that use your United Mileage Plus Visa, send United a message by canceling your card due to Starnet blocking and their recent award chart inflation, and sign up for this far superior card.

Right now they’re offering a 10,000 point sign-up bonus, and also a 5,000 point referral bonus. If you are interested in signing up for an SPG Amex, I’d really appreciate if you could send me an email at so that I could refer you.


  1. They are also offering a different (read: potentially better) offer for a 10,000 Point Sign Up Bonus & then on top of that 15,000 Bonus Points if you spend $15,000 in the first 6 months. This gives the new Credit card owner a potential for 25,000 Bonus Starpoints…

    Verses the other offer that only gives 10K to the new Cardholder & 5K to the referrer for a total of 15K Bonus miles (split between New Cardholder & referrer)

    The 15K Bonus is not that hard to attain these days with the aid of the US Mint & their $1 Presidential Coins sold at Face Value with Free Shipping. Assuming this deal is still around for the next 6 months (semi-big assumption) & one could easily complete $8K-$10K of that required spending solely through the US Mint without actually spending any “real” money.

    However, if you aren’t “gung-ho” to complete the 15K Bonus offer, & are just going to go for the standard 10K Sign-Up Offer, then you would be doing Lucky a Great Favor at no cost to yourself by letting him refer you…

    But think it through…

  2. I hadn’t realized they still had the card with 15,000 points for spending $15,000. I did some googling, but couldn’t find that application. In that case I totally agree. If you plan on spending $15,000, definitely go for that. Thanks Todd.

  3. One of your other frugal bloggers has a referral link on their website for the extra 15,000 in 6 months.

  4. While I certainly prefer my SPG AMEX for all purchases, it still has the limitation of being an AMEX. I still keep the United MP Visa around for those outlets which won’t take AMEX. Perhaps I should be looking for a better Visa?

  5. We are doing what Ryan is. Keeping the United MP visa just for situations where AMEX isn’t accpted. I did let United know though that I was switching and the reason why. I’m sure it won’t make a lick of difference to them.

  6. A simple Google search of “Starwood American Express card, 15,000” will give you the 15,000 Bonus Starpoint Application. Can’t miss it.

    Also, as PWMDude stated above Rick over at has a link (2 actually) to that application. It is offered both in the Personal card and the Business card…

  7. yeah, FrugaltravelGuy is nuts about the SPG credit card, i wonder how much they’re paying him for that.

    Lucky, i hope they didn’t pay you for this article

  8. @ Ryan — Good point about Visa. I prefer the American Citi Visa, but that’s because I like to diversify my miles.

    @ Todd — I’m an idiot. The first few apps I clicked on when googling didn’t bring that up, but I should have searched more carefully.

    @ Sam — Pay me for what? I think the SPG Amex is by FAR the best card out there, and that’s my honest opinion. The only thing I’m trying to cash in on, if you want to call it that, is the referral bonus. You might be interested in knowing that I haven’t been paid a single cent from anyone for writing this blog, and I’ve been doing it for about 16 months now (which of course I enjoy doing).

  9. Lucky — No biggie. An understandable oversight that alot of people have been making by getting excited about the referral Bonus & not realizing that the old offer for the 10K sign-up & 15K Bonus with $15K in spending is still very much alive. & what makes it even more doable & realistic for alot of people is the US Mint $1 Coin deal…

    Sam — I’m with Lucky & Rick (Frugal Travel Guy) on this one. I believe what Lucky is saying about SPG AMEX. I know for a fact that Rick isnt paid a dime for what he says about the Starwood AMEX.

    I would have to agree with Lucky & Rick in that the Starwood AMEX (aside from being an AMEX, haha) is the all around best Travel Rewards card to have in your wallet. Its not even a contest.

    Sam — In your opinion what is a better card?

  10. Maybe its just because i’m a Canadian resident, and i’m jealous , because i can’t sign up for it.

    Its just with overwhelmingly positive talks about the SPG card, it realy sounds a bit more like an advertisment than a review. I mean He’s got two sign up links on his blog, its a good card, but its not that good. I mean how much do you guy value SPG points, two, three cents? and you get 1 spg point on every day spending right. I’ve got a Costco AMEX that give me 2 cents cash on the dollar, and i think that’s pretty average.

    I hope i didn’t offend you lucky, its just i’ve seen many blogs go south because of sponsorship deals, and since i really like this one, i don’t want to see that happen.

  11. Fair enough, Sam. I actually don’t stay at SPG properties, so the benefit of the card for me is the mileage transfers. What makes this card valuable to me is the fact that you essentially earn 1.25 miles per dollar for all purchase, since you get a 5,000 mile bonus when you transfer miles. For those that spend $100K+ a year on their card, that translates into a LOT of extra miles. Best of all, they have so many transfer partners.

    Again, I appreciate the concern, but I haven’t been paid a dime by them, or for that matter they haven’t even approached me. Their card is that good that it speaks for itself.

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