Hey, it’s not our fault!

Once in a while I’ll see the word “elitist” thrown around when talking about frequent flyers and their general attitudes, but I had to laugh when I saw Thai Airways’ description of their first class product:

Royal First Class represents the ultimate in flying luxury, awarding privileged recognition to those who have achieved the pinnacle of social or professional status.

Well, having flown Thai Airways first classĀ several times, and not having “achieved the pinnacle of social or professional status,” I guess I’ve “achieved the pinnacle of social status.” Yeah, let’s just go with that…. šŸ˜€


  1. I guess there aren’t enough social and/or professional mavericks in our country anymore, as TG has eliminated First Class on the LAX-BKK route!

  2. I flew TG F last year LHR-BKK. They called me “Khun Todd,” which is the Thai honorific for someone whom you respect. I guess that’s how they make it work!

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