Delta eliminates award redemption fees for those with SkyMiles credit cards

Here’s an innovative new benefit for Delta American Express cardmembers:

We have exciting news to share. We’re now adding new benefits to your Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express so you can save even more on flights.
Now you can schedule your Award Travel with more flexibility, because the award ticket redemption fees are waived. As an additional benefit, you can book with any of our partner airlines and we’ll waive the handling charges. Here’s how much you can save:
• No award ticket redemption fees – a savings of up to $150
• No fees when you book on any Delta partner airline – a savings of $25
Use your Card to book Award Travel when you want, as close to the travel date as you’d like.

That can be quite valuable, when you think about it. You can save on the close-in fees and all the other BS fees Delta charges their members for award redemption. Kudos to them for adding this benefit, as I’m sure it’ll convince some people to get their credit card. This is a true win-win.

(Tip of the hat to Peter)


  1. They must REALLY want those former U.S. Bank Visa customers (from NW) to make the switch to the new Delta card…

  2. Say goodbye to award availability. People will now reserve everything under the sun just in case they can make the trip, and then cancel at the last second.

  3. @ DiscoPapa — Sounds about right. 🙂

    @ nun — Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I don’t believe this applies to redeposit or cancelation fees. I believe this only applies to close-in ticketing and partner award fees.

  4. You are correct, the card only waives the AB(Advance Booking) fees…Soon redeposit fees will apply to all tkts, regardliess of Plat Status etc…:(

  5. The sad reality is that there should never be redemption fee to start with; I tried to book a ticket using my skymiles; and the total was $160 for the ticket; but when I tried to book it using nearly any of the other travel sites (orbitz/hotwire/priceline/expedia/cheaptravel); they all came out to be $129 (and that included taxes and fees for most of them).
    Now I am starting to wonder why the heck to I keep my skymiles credit card and pay about $100 for it; just makes no sense.

  6. I also forgot to mention that it was going to cost me 42500 miles in addition to the $160; what a rip off.

  7. Delta’s skymiles program has become a complete rip off!. It now costs 2-3 times more skymiles to get a ticket than it did 2 years ago! When I complained to their customer service they did not even have the decency to respond. I wonder if can take my skymiles and platimun status to a different airline and stop using Delta altogether.

  8. Nick is entirely right: Delta’s miles are now almost worthless when compared to other carriers.

    With United, I could book an international flight for about 60K miles. Last year, I got a flight to Geneva on American for 40K miles (which was impressive). I just tried to book a flight on Delta to the same location this year: 135K miles! How in the world could American cost 40K miles and Delta cost 135K miles? I can accept 60K or 65K, but 135K? I also tried the same destination that used to cost 60K miles on United and that was 120K miles.

    Delta costs twice as much in terms of reward miles to destinations than other carriers.

  9. @Paul not that I am a Delta fan, but just to be fair, they also give away a ton of miles through promos like car rentals or bald-head-examinations.

  10. I am so sick of the airlines tacking on fees for everything. $100 for being a loyal customer? The size of the eggs on these company executives is huge, just as their sense of greed appears to be. Why can’t one of these airlines give a fair deal to travelers? Loyalty to customers and employees is a thing of the past apparently.

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